Thursday, December 15, 2011

Parshas Vayaishev - The ends do NOT justify the means

Contrary to the common saying, in Torah the ends definitely DO NOT justify the means. Even though one wants to save ones own life you do not have the right to embarrass another person. Tamar did not embarrass Yehuda in order to save her life. She got the message across to Yehuda in a subtle way.

The daughter of Potifar wanted to be "connected" to Yosef and thought that to be able to accomplish it in the end, will justify the means of going about doing it. It wasn't the case she lost all credibility and any chances for her goal. And it was her daughter instead who became Yosef's wife.

A person's actions do not "balance out" in the end. You are not allowed to do 2 wrong things if you will do 2 right things to even it out. You will be rewarded for the good and punished for the bad.

The Torah is full of examples of how one's EVERY action must be accounted for regardless of what good was done as a result. And especially when it comes to a person's feelings. If someone else's feeling are hurt due to what you did, you will have to answer for it.

So be careful, especially when you are "helping" or "correcting" another.

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