Friday, February 12, 2010

Pasha's Parshas - A thought for the Week

There is a discussion in the Talmud about which laws are the most important to study in order to develop a good moral character.

* Some say the Laws of Ethics and Morals (Pirkei Avos) - self explanatory

* Others say the Laws of Blessings over Food - Which teaches us appreciation. Which is a very fundemental and much lacking moral character trait. It teaches us to value what we receive and appreciate what we have and that we are fortunate to have it. Of course to recognize that it comes from G-D and that we aren't just entitled to things.

* And others say - The Laws of Damages and Monetary Compensation (most of which is in this weeks Parsha)- This teaches us to value property and to respect the possessions of others. To respect even that of the smallest value belonging to someone else.
This too is a fundamental foundation of character that in this day and age is a sorely lacking trait. The lack of which is the cause of much of our troubles today.

I also believe that this week's Parsha shows us another amazing thing. It shows us the genius of the Torah system in an age when so many governments and peoples are still trying to figure out how to devise a fair and proper system the Torah system was in place thousands of years ago.
And to quote myself from an earlier post:
"If the Torah was the law of the land we wouldn't need tort reform because there are no torts allowed. The laws of damages and monetary compensation are so brilliantly formed to allow for just compensation without overreach.
The laws of murder and capital punishment are so cleverly crafted to allow just the right amount of deterrent with the right amount of compassion and humanity for both the criminal and, what we forget these days, the victim.
And there is so so much more.
The impeccable balance which the Torah law follows is so brilliant and it was devised more than 3000 years ago.
And still is the best working thing out there."

Great New Vegan Restaurant under IKC supervision

A great new Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn called "Sun in Bloom" on 460 Bergen Street in Brooklyn (Park Slope) is now Kosher-Pareve under our supervision. They serve a delicious and unique menu which is vegan and mostly raw.
Check it out.
Sun in Bloom has a very nice atmosphere and the people are real nice. It's on a lovely street in a great neighborhood and would make real nice afternoon or evening getaway.