Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Must Remain Focused On Our Goals

We are now almost 1 week into Chodesh Adar. It is the month of Joy. But it also is the month that Haman tried to destroy us. The modern day Haman is the one who tries to divide. There are Hamans from without and unfortunately Hamans from within.
We must not let Haman take control, we must not let Haman turn us around from what we want to accomplish. We must keep om marching ahead focused.
Then we will truly be able to rejoice in the Geulah.


Purim is almost 1 week away and I was thinking about the Purim story and an important message. During the time of Purim the threat to the Jews was worse than ever before or since. EVERY Jew was in danger. In every other instance the threat was in one or more countries yet there was always a place that Jews were safe. During the time of Purim, since Achashverosh ruled over all the known world, every Jew was under his control and therefore in danger.
And yet it all got turned upside down and all the Jews were saved.
What happened? How were they able to fight against it?
Because they all came together.
The Megillah tells us that in order to get his decree passed Haman told the King that the Jews were "spread out and divided". The commentaries tell us that this means that they were not united and all the diferent factions were not getting along. In order to save themselves Mordechai managed to get everyone to come together. קיימו וקבלו היהודים - Keemu V'kiblu Hayehudim. It was nothing short of spectacular. It doesn't say that all the Jews became the same, that all the Jews became Sephardic or Ashkenazic, so to speak, no. Despite their differences they embraced, respected and understood each other.
So the message is clear. Strife brings destruction and unity brings joy & salvation.
ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששון ויקר אמן כן יהי רצון

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tu Bishvat - A Man is aTree

As it is Tu Bishvat, the new year for the trees, we are technically celebrating the trees. But there is a strong connection between a tree and a human being. And that allegory is made throughout the Talmud. There is a Possuk, verse, in the Torah, where it discusses the rules regarding how to act in a war when entering an enemy's territory you're conquering. The Torah tells us we may not cut down any fruit bearing tree, because "Ha'adam eitz hasadeh". Which is translated to mean that the tree of the field is indispensable to the man. However, the literal translation is "the man is a tree of the field" From there go all the teachings which compare the human to the tree. And all the lessons we learn from that.
Today someone taught me a new comparison with a wonderful lesson.
He said that a tree cannot move, yet it is able to spread it's influence far and wide.
It can spread it's seeds all over to plant new trees and it's fruit can be enjoyed all over the world.
Sometimes we think we are only successful in influencing others if we go out and around "influencing", and sometimes we need to, since we are mobile. Yet the tree teaches us that we can still do a lot of positive, inspiring and motivating, by staying right where we are and being a proper role model doing what we're supposed to do.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Parshas Beshalach - Moshe's Hands

The Jews just left Egypt, barely cohesive as a nation and Amalek decides to attack them.
Moshe tells Yehoshua to go the next day to fight with Amalek and he will go up and stand on the mountain.
Whenever Moshe, on top of the mountain, raised his hands Bnei Yisroel were stronger but when he put his hands down Amalek was stronger.
The Mishna in Rosh Hashana asks, "V'chi yadav shel Moshe osos milchama?"
"Do the hands of Moshe make war or break war?" Was it actually magic hands of Moshe which made Israel win or lose the war?
"Rather it showed the Bnei Yisroel that when they looked up to Hashem for their answers and devoted their hearts to their Father in Heaven they would succeed, they would win"
Also I believe that the message is that one, especially a leader, needs to stand strong and firm in his principles. Not being wishy washy but being upright and definite in his morals and values. Then the people will follow him and do the correct thing. When Moshe showed strength and conviction by keeping his hands "up", the people were able to be follow and fight the war successfully.
It is really important to know that we must look up to Hashem for our assistance and guidance, and that we must remain determined and resolute in our morals and principles.