Friday, January 13, 2012

Parshas Shemos - Hashem Heard?

Moshe is charged with the task and mission of saving the Jewish People and taking them out of Egypt.
Hashem tells Moshe, "The cries of the Jewish people have come to me..... and now go and I am sending you to Paroh and take out my people from Egypt"
And Hashem says that he knows Paroh will need a little "encouragement", but after that the Jews will go out in style.
Sounds like a done deal. Yet Moshe goes to Paroh who doesn't seem so impressed.
Paroh says, "These Jews are lazy! That's why they have the time for this talk" and he makes things worse.
The Jewish people are livid and Moshe was so frustrated that he asked Hashem, "Why have you made it worse for these people, why did you send me for this? From the time that I spoke to Paroh in Your Name, it's become worse for the people and you haven't saved them!"
Hashem says, "Oh you'll see what I'll do to Paroh! He'll be forced to send them out."
So what's the point? Hashem had already said before that he heard the Jewish people's cries and that he'll save them and it became worse?
So Rabbi Moshe Chait said that the lesson is a very profound one. That even after Hashem has decided to answer you, even after he has already started the process, it sometimes has to get worse before it will get better.
But that is a part of the salvation. A part of your redemption. Not Hashem ignoring you but rather responding to you.