Friday, June 19, 2009

Mazel Tov?

I officiated at a wedding last night. And of course it was wonderful. But it was an interesting case which for me made it very worthwhile.
This couple was married 2 years ago civilly but never had a Chupah and Kiddushin (Jewish Law wedding). So for me it was an honor to be able to help a couple who wanted to increase their spiritual connection.
Now they're not "completely observant" yet, or maybe they'll never be but they wanted the connection so it was a pleasure to facilitate.
We had it at a Shul in Brooklyn so the groom's father, who has a hip problem, could attend as it was close to his house.
But what bothered me was that when the Rabbi of the shul "found out" that the couple was not "religious" he told me that he wouldn't have allowed the wedding in his shul and of course he couldn't be involved and he wouldn't be able to stay. (????!!!!)
Why are people like that?
Why can't we appreciate the positive steps people want to take without criticizing what you think are the steps they didn't take? Are we so pristinely perfect that we can be so judgemental?

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