Friday, July 31, 2009

Pasha's Parshas - Stay True to Our Values

The Torah says, "And all of you who attached themselves closely to G-d (meaning firmly following the precepts of morality and integrity of G-d and the Torah) are alive TODAY".
Why does it say "today" it should have said "will be alive eternally'?
Isn't that the intended message?
If someone falls into a rushing river, just because he's moving you don't know he's alive if he's moving with the current, you only know he's alive if you see him struggling to fight against the current.
Just because a person's moving (functioning in society) is no proof he's "alive" in the present if all he does is go with the flow. But if he's following the Torah's rules of morality and integrity which are often a struggle against prevailing currents, then you know he's alive TODAY.
Let's be "alive" and true to our values.

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  1. 2 the very rebbe zevy, ur parsha is heart-warming and inspirational!