Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last week was Shavuos, the day commemorating the receiving of the Torah. It is the day to renew our commitment to the Torah. I believe it is the day to take our Torah back. To go back to the real laws of the Halacha. Our Torah has been hijacked. It has been perverted and subverted to the point where it is unrecognizable.
Unfortunately it is the religious and observant who THINK that they are following the Halacha and are so proud of themselves, who actually have disgraced and misrepresented the Torah and shaken up its delicate balance.
(see the Haftorah on Parshas Vayaishev as R' Hirsch explains. All sides of the religious spectrum are not living up to their expectations and claims)
It is quite interesting that in the country today people are saying that we should take our country back. The similarities of the far left of the country to the far right of the religion is striking and chilling. The country is in the process of being taken over by the far left who want to control the people, who they believe have no ability or responsibility for themselves. The individual is being negated.
The far right of the religion believe the SAME!!
They believe that the individual is incapable of making proper, moral and decent decisions on their own. They believe that they have to make the rules for everyone.
The Torah, however, demands just the opposite.
The Torah believes primarily in the responsibility of the individual. Yes there is a power that the community has, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the individual and his honest and true assessment of himself.
We see this perversion of Torah many ways these days and it's time to go back to the truth and proper balance of the Torah.
Dracheha Darcei Noam Its ways are pleasant. But only when we maintain the delicate true balance that was intended.

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