Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beautiful Thank you note from Pie in the Sky Bakery in PV, Mexico

We just kashered a Bakery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, called "Pie in the Sky". Our Mashgiach, Yossi, had just spent quite a few hours kashering everything. After which the owner, Susan, sent us this moving thank you note:

I want to thank you for helping us here at the bakery become Kosher. It was hard work, Yossi was great, and I felt like I had accomplished something very important to me and my family and my family who is no longer with me. Oddly enough, I felt something spiritual, something I couldn't put my finger on, maybe a rebirth of the memory of my childhood, joy and happiness, Sunday School, Hebrew School, the Synagogue and all that goes with my being Jewish. It feels good!

Thank You and Yossi
Susan Drexler

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