Friday, December 30, 2011

Parshas Vayigash - Make Even That Small Move in the Right Direction

The two future leaders of the Jewish People square off in this week's Parsha and show why they and their descendants were destined to lead the Jewish People for all time.
Interestingly, Yosef showed his leadership as he ruled from a more secular venue as Viceroy of Egypt, staying true to his Torah values, and Yehuda lead from within his family and stood up to Yosef.
That trend continued throughout history.
Yehuda also comes into his own as "Vayigahs Ailav Yehuda" as he moves away from the pack and steps up on his own and comes close to Yosef.
This is where he finally rose to his status as Family leader and set the DNA for his future generations.
A "small" move, a huge statement.
Let's look out for those "small" moves which could have huge impact for us and our future generations.
Sometimes the small moves take the most strength.

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