Thursday, February 26, 2015


A Very Happy Purim to ALL!
We're getting closer to the greatest Purim celebration.
Just a thought.
I find it completely amazing and extremely significant that our modern Mordechai, Benjamin Netanyahu, is confronting our modern day Haman, by speaking before Congress the very day before Purim.
This is not an accident. Things are happening that we are not aware of, just as Mordechai and Esther weren’t aware of things when Hashem was preparing to rescue the Jews of ancient Persia. Mordechai just knew we should all repent and come together. We have our chance now. Let’s get ready.
Something is going on. Just as Hashem turned around a seemingly impossible situation and subsequently, turned Haman from favorite to dead man in less than 36 hours. So too Hashem can do the impossible and turn the world situation around to our benefit in no time.

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