Wednesday, October 14, 2009

San Miguel - WOW

A very interesting story only G-d could think up.
When I was invited they asked me if I could come for the last days since the religious leader, although grew up in a conservative home, never celebrated a Hoshana Rabba or Shmini Atzeres and would love to learn how to do it.
They have a small Shul in San Miguel de Allende. Actually they rent a meeting room at a hotel. About 35 or so people came each service and the services were very inpirational. The people were so eager to learn and participate.
There were 3 Succos there and even one family who has a strictly kosher home and Shomer Shabbos.
It was a real wonderful experience. I think for them too. Plus this town is a very beautiful place, it has a certain energy and the buildings are colorful, all Old Spanish colonial architecture.
And then after Yom Tov the next day a couple people drove me to another town called Guanajuato, which was just stunning, to meet a group of 8 Jews who wanted to talk and had questions (some about kosher). We met at this cafe where the café owner was Jewish who asked me how he can make his cafe kosher!
It was a fabulous experience.

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